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a breakout success [Sep. 2nd, 2005|07:26 pm]
[feel |thoughtfulrethinking]
[loud |hey dj - nina sky]

03:20AM in the morning.
i got out and stayed out.
night time sidewalks are bare.
along with the silent streets.
misty sprinklers and noisy crickets.
walking carefully towards destination.
a success they stand in the dimmed lights.
we chill and relax taking in the night sky.
we wander around and annoy the sleepers.
deciding to find a fellow friend.
he sleeps not awake.
so we leave and hungered along to a home.
fed and relieved inside we go.
stairs we lay darkness we intake.
tired we are relocate to a couch.
laying and past out napping we were.
and unexpected visitors as well.
confusion is resolved we are welcomed.
we nap and sleep owners shuffle around.
they leave we awake and time to leave.
home we go fare well to a kind friend.
and home i was sleepy eyes weaken and shut.
awake once more and out theres more.
a mall a place to shop and browse.
browse alot bought only few.
dropped off to a further point not home.
walk the busy streets and windy winds.
home once more no slumber this time.
only relaxes nice and easy.
and thats my story.
last night morning and now.
07:37PM in the night day and days spent well.

i like you too
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hmmm [Aug. 29th, 2005|03:32 pm]
[feel |goodgood]
[loud |welcome to detroit city]

last week... til the books knocks you out!

i hope to have every day funfilled outed
with the gorgeous lovable ppl i kno and love.

$25 bucks for spending.. never no transportation
only bussing.. and luck.
lets see how i can handle and survive this.

todays outting includes late nights
and major chillage in housings.
im out at 8 with a friendly friend.
gunna hit the parks for a lil.
come home. and outtings wen the stars
come out and the moon is bright.
i begin a long walk all alone.
its scary at first but once
you feel and look like the bad one
they'll leave you alone.
hit the destination i will. and chill
and over night til the sun is up and
its time to bus over on to
another location with a whole
lotta other ppl.. time to go
wonder in the land with RIDES..
WEE.. ok soo thats my ending point
for now. coz i dont know my after
plans after tues. so make plans
and i'll fulfill them.. *smiles*

i like you too
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piercings and such [Jul. 8th, 2005|06:58 am]
[feel |artisticpierce me]
[loud |blue orchid - white stripes]

sitting here 6 in the morning blindly trying to find the hole in my eyebrow with the tip of my ring. no such success yet... im thinking about finding a mirror any second now. anyways wuts the deal i see eyebrow ring or ne piercing (almost any); sexy, pretty, different, defining, art, experience, and deviant. They say it shows no respect, disgusting, nasty, stupid, crazy, and ugly. but i dont see or feel not a inch of ther thoughts. they confuse me. the world confuses me. for example, friend gets a lip ring goes to work and given a desion to work without the ring or fire with it on. she works at NO FRILLS. no professionallism there!?!?! who the fuck cares if thers hole in your face or not. discrimination to piercings. the END. OKAY so this is wut i think on ther lovely thoughts.

NO RESPECT - im sorry i juss dont get how holes filled with jewellery kicked you in the ass and called you a rumpt bucket fag face ass mr fuck up your mom. dont tell me i dont have respect for my body!!! if i didnt have respect then i wudnt fill those holes with pretty lil colorful jewels! sheesh...

DISGUSTING - oh im sorry for having imaginary puss and blood pouring outta my holes of uttterly disgusting doom. honestly disgusting has such a more further definition then 'hole with jewel'. and there aint nothing digusting with that.

NASTY - oh ok so if thats nasty can i please vomit with the sight of your face as well. agian like digusting, there is no related links to define piercings.

STUPID - so going to a professional to get peirced and then buying proper aftercare products, then caring for the piercing 24/7 is stoopid then im confused. its not stoopid if i wanted it so bad and actually getting it. i didnt pierce it myself in neway or juss leave it and let it heal its own way with out care. not stoopid!

CRAZY - lemmme tell you crazy! crazy wud be doing it myself. well ive done self piercing b4 on my ears no lie, but facial piercings i havent and wouldnt, im not that officially crazy. CRAZY no no no... piercings arent made just for the crazy ppl sorry your all just wrong. your telling me im crazy then your saying if i walk into a madhouse/crazyhouse/metalhouse they shud all have piercings? shouldnt i be locked up now?

UGLY - im not gunna defend the piercings for the ones who think of it ugly. simply because everyone has their own 'ugly' catagory which they fit ther pretty lil list right under. BUT ITS NOT ALL UGLY. but your face sure is.

MY FIGURE MY STATE i have an eyebrow ring my parents dont like it, they want it out, they think its out. i dont give up that easy. purpose of a eyebrow ring??? besides the sexy and purrtiness... its different. i love to stand out. eyebrow ring is the only piercing which actually has no retarding meaning behind it. its a free spirit piercing. even tho it has no meaning i see it as mysterious and cutting edge. i was curious and hunger'd by it. so tempted i was, i got it and happy. and mysterious i did feel and cutting edge even more. i see piercings as exactly how they call it 'bodyART'. its a form of art and not discomfort. i guess it explains it not everyone understands and feels art & the creativity the power it gives to the artist and beholder.

"i've discovered art and BLIND is wut you are."

hearts u,
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pictures are fun =D [Jul. 6th, 2005|12:41 am]
[feel |awakeawake]
[loud |hmm watching tv]

once agian i stole kaesha.. YAY and we took spontanious pictures of each other...

introducing me and kae =D

i was about to cover my face. kae is quick wit the cam!

yes kae that is DOT from bugs life

we watch TV

what shall we watch?

TINY TOONS weeeeee

then took sneeky pix of eachother agian...

she cant capture ME!

yay GOT YOU!

love her laying down poses! so professional

once agian she must lay down everywhere she goes

oh no she got me!

we then go upstairs onto the computer...

see the computer (tiffany is online) and our hands again

shes trying to attack me

heehee look at that sleeping kaesha


finger ATTACK

look at that sneek attack

that is so weird.

oh look, we lost it

then she left...
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winging it [Jun. 25th, 2005|11:36 am]
[feel |bouncywooo]
[loud |everyone sleeping from late nights]

when you dont expect the unexpected it happens! and you LOVE IT ! wooooo! ok so yesterday holy WOW.. lets begin.. woke up final exam.. found out i cudnt get my piercing coz they didnt hav ther money boo! left the school with tiff to the mall had muffins, yelled at old ppl.. read books and put them in her bag haha.. got the stuff.. shhh stuff.. haha.. met up with kaesha went to the skate park. we named some of the boys swear bear, bunny hopper, red faced, tubbalard, and stripper boy. ahha laid on the grass, boys all got naked all of a sudden.. and we.. we did the naughty and started drinky drinky... met totally hot skaters.. we dont really kno how but we did..i cant really rember the resst its bit blurry.. but i rember playing with the boys pretty hair. hahaha and kaesha yelling out for sex.. haha crzy girl.. got sober at 5pm, hunger'd now.. went to markville and brought back a bag of tacos. ate with skater boys =) afterwards we watched them skate la la la.. they departed at like 10pm so did we.. got a ride from my aunt to tiffs place.. had to go home :( so sorrie guys. got home, dad left for work mom went party hardy super bored now. invited a friend over.. and la la la ;)

nathan looking at hot skater boys

kaesha looking all hot in the wind

phil being super cool!

hearts u,
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Took kaesha home! [Jun. 23rd, 2005|11:18 pm]
[feel |crazycrazy]
[loud |snip snip]

had examss and took kaesha home... mistake RICE! damnit.. haha .. walk met up with chris he bought us popsicles yummay.. yes i kno i bite lol... went home cooked.. well kaesha cooked haha.. afterwards.. went crazy CUtting!! wooo take a look at the shots.

i cut hair now =D

first attempt - - - FAILED

second attempt - - - BOOYA!

bye bye hair

me and kae woooo

hearts u
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CRAZY [Jun. 16th, 2005|11:59 pm]
[feel |crazyWOooo]
[loud |breaking away > ther so AWESOME!]

battle of the BANDS!! we started our own TINY mosh pit hhaha so horrible!
we drinky woot and cheers screamed out names! wooo!!
after that totaly tipsy... i dont rember the details but there were lotta kisses and huggles and everyone knew our secret!!! oh no! Rwar they locked us in the washroom meenies.. BUT we escaped into the real world.. and entertainment tonight we were for the people! haha WE RULE! us and our CRAZY!! ouuu WEeEE! soo fun! al the unFUN ppl can DIE! !!! haha.. got home safe.. yes i did. and sobered up slowly. FORGOT ALL CONVERSATION I HAD WITH ANYONE! oh wells i knew it wes all CRAZY and FUN! WOooO COMANDO TOMR!

hearts u,
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football [Jun. 8th, 2005|08:30 pm]
[feel |cheerfulyay fun]
[loud |slayer - angel of death]

FOOTBALL'd today.. tackle tackle... WHOAA justine get off these innocent ppl.. haha
hmm didnt feel all active today tired... argh.. richie flipped me billion times, got him back and then got tristen down as well.. oh and WHAT TOUCH DOWN! woo i RULE! oh yeaa! hmm HOT as hell all of us sweaty and gross.. hmmm after walk to mcdonalds.. and then ICE CREAM woo.. and then kids tuby fun slide stuff haha i cant believe i fit in there haha smelled like feet.. yuck.. but FUN! very! got home took a dip in the pool.. and blah.. im here now..

YEHHHAA juzzY!!!

footing the ball weee


hearts u
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drunken the soul *FAILed* but FUN [Jun. 7th, 2005|11:36 pm]
[feel |thirstyJuice ME !]
[loud |remedy -seether]

brought drinks today for sckool.. haha .. coke and rum in the morning they DIDNT stop! Stop IT thats MINE! rwar... lunch hour came we drank our vodka and juice... haha justine and her funny faces.. HAHahahah ... took pictures.. woo fUN! not enuff in our system tho.. therefore we will tryagian on friday and this time at least we'll get TIPSY! PROMISE!!


crazy shadowing!

ouu six nine!

AFterwards james and I accedently skip last period and accdently end up at mcdonalds eating icecream.. haha..

hearts u,
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sex attack!!! [Jun. 6th, 2005|06:13 pm]
[feel |drunkheya]
[loud |wind blowing]

YESTARDAY went trampoline jumping jumping and then got soaked with hose while Jumping and slipping oh FUN! anyways today came home and wes hot hot hot ... indeed! i wes bored bored bored and wanted something fancy to drink so i made myself one of those bacardi strawberry daiquiri.. very TASTY indeed! yup yup.. but that didnt satisfy me. i wanted OUT! i wanted ICE cream! therefore looked who wes online and ouuu its a KAEsha.. so she wins im going out with her to mcdonald. i walk walk walk and brought my daiquiri with me in a water bottle.. shhh nobody will kno im drinking and walking its safe right?? haha .. soo i walk & walk.. and kae calls me and tells me shes at mcdonald wen i fully walk pass it really odd.. then we meet and go to COCO salon and repeirce my ears (like a normal person and not stab a hole myself). while we waited we look thru mags..

horoscope +aries+ :
you'll fall in love with a very special person during a trip.
your lucky/love days are :
>june 11 (going to wonderland woo)
>june 24 (i dont know where im going)
>july 5, 17, 24 (FLORIDA ouuu imma find love there! haha woohoo!)

65 ways _ ____ ___ __ guy ___ ______ sex ___ : (i unno the title wes something like it)
>my friend sue bent over with her skirt so i can see her panties which had my name on it
>get on all four and she can suck on that
>sex attack!!!
>covered my candle with icing and then you know
ya some stuff like that.. hhaha it wes amusing..

anyways i got repeirced.. im happy woo.. went to mcdonald with our lovely strawberry drink which got luke warm very nasty but drinkable.. got our shitty looking ice cream... sat in the corner as the same mcdonald guy worker watched us agian. afterwards went airhockey that machine wes so screwed up. the thing never ended the score never went up haha we both WIN! after a while we jus decided to leave and let the little kids play. we met kaes mom at the drive through... and went home.. home now and tinking about pool, wonderland and drinkage.. wooo..

hearts u,
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