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sex attack!!! - "I just wanna HUG" [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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sex attack!!! [Jun. 6th, 2005|06:13 pm]
[feel |drunkheya]
[loud |wind blowing]

YESTARDAY went trampoline jumping jumping and then got soaked with hose while Jumping and slipping oh FUN! anyways today came home and wes hot hot hot ... indeed! i wes bored bored bored and wanted something fancy to drink so i made myself one of those bacardi strawberry daiquiri.. very TASTY indeed! yup yup.. but that didnt satisfy me. i wanted OUT! i wanted ICE cream! therefore looked who wes online and ouuu its a KAEsha.. so she wins im going out with her to mcdonald. i walk walk walk and brought my daiquiri with me in a water bottle.. shhh nobody will kno im drinking and walking its safe right?? haha .. soo i walk & walk.. and kae calls me and tells me shes at mcdonald wen i fully walk pass it really odd.. then we meet and go to COCO salon and repeirce my ears (like a normal person and not stab a hole myself). while we waited we look thru mags..

horoscope +aries+ :
you'll fall in love with a very special person during a trip.
your lucky/love days are :
>june 11 (going to wonderland woo)
>june 24 (i dont know where im going)
>july 5, 17, 24 (FLORIDA ouuu imma find love there! haha woohoo!)

65 ways _ ____ ___ __ guy ___ ______ sex ___ : (i unno the title wes something like it)
>my friend sue bent over with her skirt so i can see her panties which had my name on it
>get on all four and she can suck on that
>sex attack!!!
>covered my candle with icing and then you know
ya some stuff like that.. hhaha it wes amusing..

anyways i got repeirced.. im happy woo.. went to mcdonald with our lovely strawberry drink which got luke warm very nasty but drinkable.. got our shitty looking ice cream... sat in the corner as the same mcdonald guy worker watched us agian. afterwards went airhockey that machine wes so screwed up. the thing never ended the score never went up haha we both WIN! after a while we jus decided to leave and let the little kids play. we met kaes mom at the drive through... and went home.. home now and tinking about pool, wonderland and drinkage.. wooo..

hearts u,

From: savoire_faire
2005-06-12 02:51 am (UTC)
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