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winging it - "I just wanna HUG" [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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winging it [Jun. 25th, 2005|11:36 am]
[feel |bouncywooo]
[loud |everyone sleeping from late nights]

when you dont expect the unexpected it happens! and you LOVE IT ! wooooo! ok so yesterday holy WOW.. lets begin.. woke up final exam.. found out i cudnt get my piercing coz they didnt hav ther money boo! left the school with tiff to the mall had muffins, yelled at old ppl.. read books and put them in her bag haha.. got the stuff.. shhh stuff.. haha.. met up with kaesha went to the skate park. we named some of the boys swear bear, bunny hopper, red faced, tubbalard, and stripper boy. ahha laid on the grass, boys all got naked all of a sudden.. and we.. we did the naughty and started drinky drinky... met totally hot skaters.. we dont really kno how but we did..i cant really rember the resst its bit blurry.. but i rember playing with the boys pretty hair. hahaha and kaesha yelling out for sex.. haha crzy girl.. got sober at 5pm, hunger'd now.. went to markville and brought back a bag of tacos. ate with skater boys =) afterwards we watched them skate la la la.. they departed at like 10pm so did we.. got a ride from my aunt to tiffs place.. had to go home :( so sorrie guys. got home, dad left for work mom went party hardy super bored now. invited a friend over.. and la la la ;)

nathan looking at hot skater boys

kaesha looking all hot in the wind

phil being super cool!

hearts u,