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piercings and such - "I just wanna HUG" [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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piercings and such [Jul. 8th, 2005|06:58 am]
[feel |artisticpierce me]
[loud |blue orchid - white stripes]

sitting here 6 in the morning blindly trying to find the hole in my eyebrow with the tip of my ring. no such success yet... im thinking about finding a mirror any second now. anyways wuts the deal i see eyebrow ring or ne piercing (almost any); sexy, pretty, different, defining, art, experience, and deviant. They say it shows no respect, disgusting, nasty, stupid, crazy, and ugly. but i dont see or feel not a inch of ther thoughts. they confuse me. the world confuses me. for example, friend gets a lip ring goes to work and given a desion to work without the ring or fire with it on. she works at NO FRILLS. no professionallism there!?!?! who the fuck cares if thers hole in your face or not. discrimination to piercings. the END. OKAY so this is wut i think on ther lovely thoughts.

NO RESPECT - im sorry i juss dont get how holes filled with jewellery kicked you in the ass and called you a rumpt bucket fag face ass mr fuck up your mom. dont tell me i dont have respect for my body!!! if i didnt have respect then i wudnt fill those holes with pretty lil colorful jewels! sheesh...

DISGUSTING - oh im sorry for having imaginary puss and blood pouring outta my holes of uttterly disgusting doom. honestly disgusting has such a more further definition then 'hole with jewel'. and there aint nothing digusting with that.

NASTY - oh ok so if thats nasty can i please vomit with the sight of your face as well. agian like digusting, there is no related links to define piercings.

STUPID - so going to a professional to get peirced and then buying proper aftercare products, then caring for the piercing 24/7 is stoopid then im confused. its not stoopid if i wanted it so bad and actually getting it. i didnt pierce it myself in neway or juss leave it and let it heal its own way with out care. not stoopid!

CRAZY - lemmme tell you crazy! crazy wud be doing it myself. well ive done self piercing b4 on my ears no lie, but facial piercings i havent and wouldnt, im not that officially crazy. CRAZY no no no... piercings arent made just for the crazy ppl sorry your all just wrong. your telling me im crazy then your saying if i walk into a madhouse/crazyhouse/metalhouse they shud all have piercings? shouldnt i be locked up now?

UGLY - im not gunna defend the piercings for the ones who think of it ugly. simply because everyone has their own 'ugly' catagory which they fit ther pretty lil list right under. BUT ITS NOT ALL UGLY. but your face sure is.

MY FIGURE MY STATE i have an eyebrow ring my parents dont like it, they want it out, they think its out. i dont give up that easy. purpose of a eyebrow ring??? besides the sexy and purrtiness... its different. i love to stand out. eyebrow ring is the only piercing which actually has no retarding meaning behind it. its a free spirit piercing. even tho it has no meaning i see it as mysterious and cutting edge. i was curious and hunger'd by it. so tempted i was, i got it and happy. and mysterious i did feel and cutting edge even more. i see piercings as exactly how they call it 'bodyART'. its a form of art and not discomfort. i guess it explains it not everyone understands and feels art & the creativity the power it gives to the artist and beholder.

"i've discovered art and BLIND is wut you are."

hearts u,

From: (Anonymous)
2005-07-08 04:36 pm (UTC)
april, i completely one hundred percent agree with everything your saying!!! and you know what, for all those people who have a stupid opinion on decisions that OTHER people make, tell them to go find a fukken life cause they obviously spend too much of their time judging other people....by the way...i think your eyebrow ring looks ROCKING =D
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From: (Anonymous)
2005-07-08 06:04 pm (UTC)
i like your eyebrow ring :)
gotta show me soooon

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